Caitlin Kenefick

It isn’t always easy growing up with a vineyard in the family. “When my friends were hanging out on the weekends, I was driving a tractor,” Caitlin Kenefick remembers of her teenage years. Today, she’s an integral partner, with her brother Chris, in her father’s vision for Kenefick Ranch. She participates in strategic decisions such as branding, distributor relationships, case volume, and direct-to-consumer business, oversees hiring and some marketing, and travels around the country representing the brand at wine events.

Raised in Marin County during the week, Caitlin remembers growing up around the vineyard as an elemental part of her childhood. “We went to the ranch every single weekend,” she recalls. “I watched my dad build this property from the ground up. He was involved in every detail and was extremely hands-on. If the temperature went below freezing and an alarm went off in the middle of the night, he’d go out to turn on the wind machines to keep the vines warm – and that was after all working all week in a stressful job. His passion for this place has turned a special piece of land into a phenomenal vineyard.”

Having watched the property evolve, Caitlin is extremely proud of her family’s achievements. “My father comes from a hard-working Irish family – the passion for farming is in our heritage. And you can taste that passion in the wines – they’re earthy, big, and bold, just like my dad. It’s a very personal endeavor for all of us.”